About AI Drones

Miltary Drones falls into two categories-Air or Sea

Air Drones

What are military drones capable of? Well, military drones can now decide who to kill

us predator drone

The US Army recently announced that it is developing drones that can spot and target vehicles and people using artificial intelligence (AI). Well, it got to be like this right in order to be useful, not forgetting that there was a hue and cry over Afghanistan because the drones were killing off a lot of innocent people. According to sources these new drones are capable of distinguishing friends and enemies and it does not need any human to decide. Once unleashed, these drones will represent the ultimate killing machines, in cognisance of the fact that it will also trigger vast legal and ethical implications for sane societies.

Alas, war is never nice so let it be then, at least we know that weapons are getting to be smart. On a comparison basis, existing military drones like the MQ-9 Reaper are carefully controlled and piloted via satellite. If a pilot drops a bomb or fires a missile, a human sensor operator actively guides it onto the chosen target using a laser device and ultimately, the crew has the final responsibility for killing designated unfriendly human targets.

But just how good is AI? Will it be able to sympathise with its decision? Recent experiences of autonomous AI vehicles in experiments should serve as a warning. Autonomous vehicles can kill innocent people so it would be proper to assume that AI Drones can even kill your love ones by mistake. But technology must progress and mistakes must be overcome.

Sea Drones

sea going drone

Most people will associate drones as those that fly in the air. Those are air drones which command ninety percent of the market share. The rest belong to sea drones and it is this sector that is going to experience great growth no thanks to the US government creating a separate section of sea going autonomous craft named Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Squadron One, or UUVRON 1. This unit is chipped off from the secretive submarine unit and we believe is going to play a big part in the future. As Soviet submarines are everywhere now, especially in the European Seas, South China Sea, the Allied forces of US and European Naval units will have to find a way to counter the emerging threat from Soviet Naval forces.

The question is what are you going to do with these entire Soviet submarine force snooping around and how do you go about it? Will you be deploying more submarines into the European Seas? Perhaps it is more appropriate to look at deploying other forms of asset to counter the threat. One of the doable thing is to look at sea going drones that are small enough to evade detection and can also be deployed from surface ship. You can also deploy sea going drones in large numbers and they can also be programmed to be autonomous. Sea going drones are normally tasked to do surveillance services but they can also be armed. And they can be very lethal when deployed in large numbers and in a swarm formation. Submarines will have a nightmare trying to destroy them.

There is no doubt that UUVRON 1will spearhead the R & D and the deployment of new autonomous sea elements into the areas where the US has a strategic interest. It is also a timely move because everyone else who matters is putting their money into sea assets a sea is the next frontier bearing in mind that there is not much more you can do in the air. Then there is the need to explore the under seas for resources and also the need to secure your sea boundaries. The future is the sea and there is no way you can neglect it. Whether or not the next World War will be in the European seas or South China Seas we don’t know but let us be prepare for it.

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