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The Inventor's frame of mind

The normal mind is good at scanning everything but bad at looking into small things. The inventive mind is bad at scanning everything but good at observing small things that the normal mind usually miss. There lies the big difference between the normal guy and the inventive guy.

To be able to observe even very small thing is essential for the person with an inventive trait. Those with an inventive trait are in the super minority. Normal minds which is good at seeing everything but fails to see the beauty of small things constitutes the majority and we because nature will not allow the majority of people doing of inventing as easy as eating.

All right we have now segregated those with inventive traits to those who would not be inventive. So where are you then? Never mind if you belong to the normal type. With a little bit of tweak, you can become inventive. It's a little bit of secrete that people do often have new ideas but then they will also view it as something that will pass of after a while. Fortunately for the inventive guy, these small ideas are taken seriously and they are often taken to fruition. That is they become inventions because the mind just do not want to give up. Observe, think and then develop; that is the mind with the inventive trait.

When we observe something small like for example when a dog barks and we continue to focus on it even though somebody wants our attention, we are called the inquisitive. And that is a good trait to have if we want to be an inventor. To be able to walk pass the flowers and not miss the fragrant smell and stopping to admire the beauty of Mother Nature is a sure sign that you are ready to think about new things. Inventive steps start from a spark, a very small spark that normal people usually dismiss as of no substance.

But big steps start off with a small step. You should never start off with great intentions like you want to show the world, but be humble. The reason is that when you put huge pressure for yourself to perform, the mind becomes stressed until it cannot function like a flowing river. Ideas will no more develop and any new evolvement stops. Now remember, you are not chosen to help lift up the world. You are only trying to impress the world with your little gift and be humble if people chose to reject your offer!

Inventing sparks only come about if you are good at imagining things. It would be better if your imaginations are in motion and you are ready to ask yourself the question why not. Your idea will be jeopardized if you were to tell it to someone else because it would be most likely that you will be told how stupid that idea is. People likes to torture others so when they are asked their opinions, they would in most likelihood give you a trashing by saying some cruel remarks.

But don't be put off by these cruel and sadistic answers as you will be better off if you take it as a challenge. Yes, innovators thrive on challenges, the better if it is thrown by someone close to you. Then take the challenge and sure enough, you will succeed in inventing a new thing. Ideas of the intangible kind are even more easily taken to their fruition as compared to the tangible kind which is normally more limited in scope due to physical laws.

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