Geographical Mapping

Air Drones are helping out on GIS.

GIS is a computer program that helps capture, store, organize and display data related to specific parts of an environment's surface. GIS programs used to be collected by way of aeroplanes and satellites. But that was costly to say the least. Now with drones, creating GIS becomes much cheaper and faster at that. GIS can show multiple types of data at once on the same map so work becomes very much faster. Analysis and recognition will allow us to and formulate plans to improve life on Earth and brings in much better coordination.

One of the benefits of GIS is that it affords us the opportunity to view multiple variables on a single pane at the same time. Corelationship between the different elements become obvious and actions can be taken much faster. Drone mapping have help us to save on time and we can cut down on the use of manpower especially if they were to fly over a distance to collect the data.

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