Hydrogen Fuel Cell Drone

hydrogen fuel celled drone

The Next Powered Drone What can your drone do if they can only fly for twenty minutes? Yes, people who wish to deploy drones for certain work are hampered by the fact that drones cannot fly for long. Although you could fit it with a gas engine to charge up while it is flying, it is not always convenient as it is heavy and noisy to go about. What you need is a silent craft and capable of flying for hours.

Now it seems we are on the way to overcome the power package with a hydrogen fuel cell. The benefits of hydrogen fuel cells are that it is capable of giving up to a few hours of flying time. Drones with fuel cells that has been successfully deployed includes Intelligent Energy, Hycopter Ballard Power System and MMC. Further to that fuel cells can be recharged within thirty to forty minutes as compared to the hours need to recharge lithium batteries.

Fuel cell batteries are also light weight so they give good power to weight ratios and that is important because flying is involved. Another criteria is that of the easy availability of hydrogen as more and more of the distributors are coming up especially they hope to cater to electric cars. But hydrogen has its sets of problems, not least is that they are highly flammable and the work of distribution comes with a high cost. Still, there is a measure of hope because technology catches up with a safer method of hydrogen delivery. The future is without doubt for fuel cells because you need to really cramp more power on board to last for more sophisticated jobs.

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