Ways drones are used

Drones have taken over our lives as you will hear of news of new uses almost every day. Yes, in a short period of time since drones were used in military offensives a couple of years ago in Afghanistan (since 2000), many new uses were created by both the military and private citizens that we feel difficult to keep score. It goes to show what an immense dimension it is for the development of drones. It also highlights what we can do with the airspace that we have just begun to conquer with these seemingly small toys.

Small toys they might be but engineers are scaling up these playthings to be made air taxis that can help alleviate ground traffic congestions. The future is yet to unfold and we are left gasping for excitement every now and then we hear of someone creating a new usage for these little toys. Drones are categorised under these sectors:

Military Drones

Aerial Videography

Aerial Surveillance



Geographical Mapping

Monitoring of Structural Safety

Law Enforcement

Fire Fighting Drone

Medical Drone

Air Taxi drone

Storm Tracking

Home Security

Personnel Security

A report from Verge about drone usage sector

You can see the future of drone uses Future Drone Uses

drone usage

Latest Drone Use

new way to pilot your drone

Thanks to virtual reality and advanced motion sensors, drone piloting can now experience something close to that imaginary sensation.

Scientists, engineers and robotics engineers at a Swiss university have developed a jacket that allows users to fly drones hands-free. Now the drone is controlled simply by moving one's torso. The team at Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne hopes the technology could one day be used by rescuers, farmers, Hollywood camera crews and beyond.

"Our aim was to design a control method which would be easy to learn and therefore require less mental focus from the users so that they can focus on more important issues, like search and rescue," said Jenifer Miehlbradt of EPFL's Translational Neuroengineering Laboratory. "Using your torso really gives you the feeling that you are actually flying," she said.

Houthis Escalate Missile And Drone Attacks Against Saudi Oil Refineries

The Houthis fired one ballistic missile at the Saudi Ministry of Defense in Riyadh on Wednesday. Saudis say they shot down the missile. Middle east news sources say multiple explosions were heard, suggesting the missiles hit the target. ballistic missile over Riyadh on Wed

Three blasts, three clouds of smoke above capital Houthis stepped up missile attacks on kingdom

Wed attack is 4th time in 5 months missiles over Riyadh

Houthis can reach Saudi capital


The Houthi ballistic missiles have a separating warhead. When they approach the target area, the warheads separate from the body of the missile. Often the US Patriot missiles intercept the body of the missiles and not the warheads which have already separated.

What has also not been reported is that the Houthis used a 'swarming drone' attack against a Saudi Aramco oil refinery and the Abha airport, causing the airport to be closed.

1st time Houthi armed drones attack Saudi Arabia

Abha airport in Assir province flights cancelled following attack

Oil giant Aramco in Jizan hit by drones

400,000-barrel-per-day refinery

Strikes with Qasef-1 on Aramco

Technical features of Qasef-1 drones

Length of body: 250 cm

Length of wing: 300 cm

Time of flight: 120 minutes

Range: 150 km

Type of engine: gasoline fueled

Warhead load: 30 kg

April 12 2018

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