Future Autonomous Drone

autonomous drones

Self-Piloting Drones

Would you wish for a drone that can be voice commanded? Not only that you would have wished that has the drone also had intelligence to self-navigate. Yes, all these are possible and should be instituted now. We have to upgrade drones to be able to perform like an intelligent machine and moreover, it is time to make it fully autonomous.

Presently, Lockheed Martin is partnering with ESPN's Drone Racing League on designing a self-piloting drone for racing competitions. The aim is to be able to navigate a three-dimensional obstacle course faster than a human-piloted drone for a competition they are calling the AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge. Stakes are high because future drones are required to do that, navigating and avoiding obstacles with speed exceeding 100 mph. Drone Racing League chief executive Nicholas Horbaczewski has this to say "this is really a challenge to encourage a new generation of researchers in autonomy ... to give them a framework in which to compete and push the boundaries of what's possible." Well there you have it - the next generation drone!

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