AirCoaster-The original roller sneaker skate

Your answer to the perpetual sky rocketing gas prices

Designed with flexible suspension. Rugged enough to take on the streets with its big assuring wheels.

Comes with detachable wheels so that you can roller skate, run it like a training shoe or even climb mountains.

Light weighted AirCoaster---designed for sure footed skating. It is the lightest roller skate sneaker available in town. Designed with no metal chassis frame,it is also the most steady skate you can buy.

Roller skate wheels and its various attachments are totally detachable so that you can use it for skating, running or climbing or a training sneaker. Its large poly-urethane wheels will give superb stability even on rough roads

Buy just one pair but use it in various ways. You don't have to clogged up your shoe rack again.

You can now get all the exercises that you want, right at home, sidewalks and around the neighborhood, parkways, or even your recreation dance club.

Workingout 20 minutes on the Aircoaster daily will get your body ship-shaped like those of ballerinas. For people who are over-weighted, the aircoasters would be their life saver. If you have a stressfultime at your office, doing roller skating at home for 30 minutes will make you feel relaxed for the rest of the evening, and a good nightsleep after that.

"Have wheels will travel"--if you put these wheels on your feet, you can go almost anywhere! Put on the spunky aircoaster, weave the magic path through the traffic grid-locked roadways to your working place, no sky-rocketing gas prices to worry about, and best of all, no parking fees to pay.

Ever since Britney Spears skated at the party, everybody thought that was cool---well, you too can do it, but with better style because with the aircoaster sneaker skate, you can remove the wheels and continue to do all the flipping, and hip-hopping with the same pair of sneaker.

Low center of gravity and shod with four large poly-urethane roller wheels on four corners of the sneaker that will provide more confidence for beginners. The aircoaster has the lowest strung wheels in the market, and those elderly who had wished to take up skating again will find the aircoaster a strong measure of confidence.


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